Magic Man Horse Twitch

Magic Man – One Man Horse Twitch:

All horsemen will realize the need for a horse twitch every now and again. Quite often the need arises when you are working alone with your horse.

The "Magic Man Twitch" is the best one man twitch on the market as it is so easy to re-adjust to get just the right pressure from your twitch. This allows you to get the job done with the least possible stress on your horse.

The "Magic Man Twitch" is very light but durable and with the smooth rope it is very gentle on the horses muzzle.

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What is a Horse Twitch:

A horse twitch is a device that is used as an alternative to a sedative to restrain horses for various stressful situations, such as veterinary treatment. It is made up of a stick-like handle or metal ring with either a loop of chain or rope on the end, which is wrapped around the upper lip of the horse.

The upper lip of the horse is grasped and the loop of chain or rope is placed around it, then the handle of the twitch is twisted until the loop is tightly around the lip. The twitch does not work by distracting the horse, as is sometimes thought, but instead causes the release of endorphins from the horse's brain, producing a calming effect.

The twitch is considered a very humane method of restraint and is commonly used by horsemen and veterinarians alike.

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